Offering a selection of carefully curated courses specifically designed with the needs of family support practitioners in mind, ECDSS sessions include theory, video presentations and small group work activities. Expert facilitators utilize the latest research and evidence-based strategies to support workplace needs and help meet professional development goals within your organization.

From core courses to customized training sessions, ECDSS understands the importance of flexible professional development, and will work with your team to meet organizational goals. Our courses provide on-trend, accessible learning tools and tactics that can be immediately implemented in the workplace to support your return on investment.

Free Courses

Trauma Informed Care: Translating Trauma Informed Principles into Practice

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This two day training acknowledges the prevalence and significant impact of trauma in an individual’s life and aims to inform service providers how to apply a trauma-informed lens to their current practice. This workshop will define and describe the six main trauma-informed principles outlined in the literature and will focus on how to translate these principles into practice.

CPI Certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention - 2 Days

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ECDSS facilitators are certified by CPI© to provide the Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training. This session is designed to focus on prevention by providing staff with proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior at the earliest possible stage.

Reflective Coaching and Mentoring: Building Relationships Through Supervision

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Reflective Practice is an ongoing and cyclical process of inquiry that creates the awareness, understanding and learning that leads to effective action. Reflective practice is a way to reveal and test the validity of the unstated knowledge (including unconscious thought, assumptions and patterns) that underlies practice. This workshop will engage supervisors in the human services field to change or broaden their perspectives, explore ways in which they will implement strategies in their supervisory practice and how to share this information with their colleagues.

Group Facilitation

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This full day session focuses on research, tips and strategies to create an engaging parent group and make learning fun.

Mental Health First Aid

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This training is a comprehensive introduction to common mental health disorders that impact many of the families supported by community programs.

Practice Documentation (Case Note Writing)

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Case notes are what we use to “tell the family’s story”. In writing case notes there are some standards of practice which should be implemented to ensure the story is collected in a professional and respectful manner.

Relationship Based Practice - Level 1

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Level One Relationship Based Practice (RBPT) training is a foundational 5 day workshop which offers professionals the skills, attitudes and knowledge necessary to be reflective about their work and ensure they stay in touch with its human focus.

Response Ability Pathways

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RAP is a tool that teaches professionals to respond to needs rather than react to problems, connect positively with those in need, clarify problems, and restore broken bonds.

The Leadership Challenge

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Backed by over 30 years of original research and data from over 4 million leaders, The Leadership Challenge® approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors.