Response Ability Pathways

ECDSS facilitators are certified by the Starr Global Institute and Reclaiming Youth International to provide The Response Ability Pathways (RAP) training. RAP is a tool that teaches professionals to respond to needs rather than react to problems, connect positively with those in need, clarify problems, and restore broken bonds. It assists us in tapping into and developing the innate strength and resilience not only of those we serve, but anyone we interact with in our daily lives. Providing support in moments of crisis strengthens connections and coping skills. This is when we see the greatest progress towards resilience and self-control.

The course will prepare participants to:

  • Respond to pain based behaviours
  • Understand the four growth needs of the Circle of Courage inherit in all people
  • Learn ways to repair broken bonds to maximize resilience, capacity, respect, and independence
  • Recognize the pain behind outward behaviours and the effective use of strategies to build positive connections