Since 2002, ECDSS has grown from humble roots as a regional coordination hub to a provincially recognized and sought after professional development and support organization. In its early inception, ECDSS provided coordination and support for Home Visitation programs within the Alberta Capital Region. As relationship building and needs assessment were already the corner stone to our practice, ECDSS recognized the need to develop and facilitate core skill building trainings and support services.
Word got out that the support and trainings of ECDSS were relevant, effective, and necessary for the development of staff and the efficacy of service delivery to families in the communities. Subsequently, additional resources were allocated to ECDSS to provide similar services to over 85 early intervention programs in the region. Our trainings, conferences, individualized workshops, and agency support services have all focused on the enhancement and improved effectiveness of community engagement throughout the province of Alberta and beyond.

The resources offered by ECDSS enables programs to meet the diverse cultural and socioeconomic needs of both staff and families in our communities. We offer concrete opportunities for skill building and reflection promoting the confident use of these skills in professional’s daily practice. To date we have facilitated workshops, trainings, and conferences for over 5000 participants and continue to have waiting lists for these sessions.


Children, youth and families are supported by professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled and adaptable.


A highly competent, skilled and flexible workforce that can meet the increasing complexities of their work.

Guiding Principles

  • Credibility – Information shared is evidence-based, relevant and current
  • Integrity – We have alignment between what we believe and what we practice
  • Respect – Other’s perspectives and ideas are welcomed and valued
  • Creativity – we infuse creativity into our practice intentionally and deliberately
  • Positivity – we are strength based in our approach
  • Participatory – we engage all learners to actively participate in their own learning and that of others