Filming Interaction to Nurture Development (FIND) is an innovative intervention supporting parents’ positive interactions with their children.  It uses a strengths-based approach to building parents’ skills.  Created by Children’s Home Society of Washington in partnership with researchers at the University of Oregon and Oregon Social Learning Center, this initiative uses video clips of parents interacting with their young children to help parents identify and reinforce their actions that support healthy development.


FIND utilizes the concept of Serve and Return that was developed at the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University as the framework within which developmentally supportive interactions are identified. A serve occurs when a child initiates an interaction using words or gestures, or by focusing their attention on something or someone. The serve is returned when the caregiver notices and responds. Within the context of FIND, 5 specific elements of serve and return are emphasized, with one element introduced in each coaching session. The five elements include:


  • Sharing Your Child’s Focus
  • Supporting and Encouraging
  • Naming
  • Back and Forth
  • Endings and Beginnings


Early Childhood Development Support Services (ECDSS) provides relevant, research-based, professional development opportunities to human services organizations. Our courses reflect the realities of the human services field and bridge the gap between theory and practice. We bring together experts from across the field of early childhood development and child and family supports to share knowledge, wisdom, perspective and strategies.  It is this mission that has brought the Alberta FIND leadership team to engage ECDSS in building capacity for training related to this tool. ECDSS is currently being certified to support the FIND coach training, video editing and consultation.