Building Secure Relationships

Session Overview

The attachment model children develop in the early years of life is the base from which they will build all relationships in their lifetime. As an early childhood professional, you are often the observer of whether or not secure attachments have been established. Children with healthy and secure attachment see their parent or caregiver as a source of comfort and a solid base from which to explore and play. In the case of insecure attachments, children may not feel secure enough to benefit from the learning and growth opportunities offered in your program. Fortunately, while a child’s attachment model begins with their parents, they can also create secure attachments with other significant adults in their lives, including early childhood professionals.

Aligns with Alberta Accreditation Standards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6


  • Understanding of the four attachment classifications and their relevance in early learning and care settings
  • Awareness of behaviors displayed by children in each of the four attachment classifications
  • Understanding of the long term implications of each attachment model
  • Develop strategies to foster secure attachment in your daily interactions