How Temperament Influences the Early Learning Environment

Session Overview

Temperament refers to the inborn physical, mental and emotional traits an individual embodies. An individual’s temperament influences everything they say and do throughout their lifetime, which makes understanding our own temperament and the temperament of the children we work with so important.  Understanding temperament and engaging in the theories and practices of how our own temperament traits (mis)match with those of the children we work with supports us in creating the best early learning environments.

Aligns with Alberta Accreditation Standards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6


  • Understand what temperament is and the traits that combine to create an individual’s temperament
  • Awareness of one’s own temperament and how it affects their life and work
  • Ability to recognize and accept children’s individual temperament
  • Capacity to develop and use strategies for supporting children’s development within the bounds of their individual temperament